Project Schkopau · 13. Mai 2019
Finally, the time has come! In the beginning of 2019, after nine months of intensive construction work, the Schkopau Power Plant went into operation.
Projekt Schkopau · 10. Januar 2019
Endlich ist es soweit! Anfang 2019 ist die Anlage im Kraftwerk Schkopau in Betrieb gegangen - nach einem dreiviertel Jahr intensiver Bauarbeiten.

Project Schkopau · 18. Dezember 2018
Alas, winter days are shorter, therefore there is less daylight for the construction of the facility. Nevertheless, as you can see, work is progressing rapidly, as shown in the sixth time-lapse video.
Project Schkopau · 18. Dezember 2018
Of course, the installation in the Schkopau power plant is essentially being built during the day. However, at night, it has a certain, special charm: A Play of Lights!

Project Schkopau · 18. Dezember 2018
There is only one direction for the construction of the plant in Schkopau: Upwards! In the following time-lapse video, we are building an elevator shaft, among other things.
Projekt Schkopau · 12. Dezember 2018
Die Anlage im Kraftwerk Schkopau entsteht natürlich im Wesentlichen am Tag. Bei Nacht hat sie allerdings einen besonderen Reiz: ein Spiel der Lichter.

Projekt Schkopau · 10. Dezember 2018
Die Tage im Winter werden kürzer und so bleibt auch weniger Zeit für den Anlagenbau. Dennoch schreiten die Arbeiten rasch voran, wie im fünften Zeitraffervideo zu sehen ist.
10. Dezember 2018
The silos are up. Now, we are adding another roof. Here we can see how the plant in the Schkopau power plant looks shortly before the topping out ceremony.

Project Schkopau · 10. Dezember 2018
Almost done: In the fifth time lapse video, we see pipe bridges being built into the system. Later, activated carbon dust will be transported through these pipe bridges.
Project Schkopau · 25. November 2018
Jan Schütze is head of the Mercury Emissions Control Department at IEM. He is one of the few experts in the field of mercury removal in power plants. In this interview, he talks about his vision: to reduce the mercury emissions of power plants to a minimum.

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